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Berthon Music In The Marina

MegaHertz are proud suppliers to the Berthon Music in the MArina Concert that took place over the month of August 2020 adhering to all COVID-19 protocole making sure the event was a total success.

Royal Hospital Chealsea Great Hall

MegaHertz and GPS were honoured to have freely volunteered our services, to sterilise the Great Hall and the Infirmary at The Royal Hospital Chelsea for The Chelsea Pensioners.

We used our fogging machines and a full wipe down, to ensure key areas were thoroughly sanitised, making for a safer environment for the hospitals inhabitants and staff.

As GPS is a military company, giving something back to our elders, whom we have the greatest admiration for from within the forces community, is something special we will take away from this difficult period.

We have forged a lasting partnership and worked alongside Walking With The Wounded to utilise veteran skill sets wherever we can during this pandemic.

MegaHertz Decontamination Fogging Explained.

MegaHertz works to ensure a safe working or living environment for your staff and families. We use the latest cleaning technologies to protect your work and home surfaces from the transfer of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 Coronavirus. Antimicrobial Disinfection Aerial Fogging Treatment provides long-lasting protection from infectious and contagious diseases.

MegaHertz Fogging 

We use our various fogging machines to put clinically tested chemicals in the air, covering the entire surface area of your venue, factory, office or home. This chemical technology provides a long lasting protective shield on any surface that it is applied to. Our well planned 8 step fogging process has no disruption to your home, business or school activities as fogging is non-toxic. Once the process is complete you are able to return to your premises within 2 hours.

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