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Fogging Decontamination Procedure

Fogging is an important hygiene protocol used to minimise the control of the microbial load in any environment, including homes, businesses, schools and public spaces. It is highly effective when combatting COVID-19 Coronavirus.

It is important to remember that environments that are thoroughly cleaned before the fogging disinfection achieve better hygienic outcomes. Our team can do additional wipe downs prior to fogging. Please let us know when requesting a quote if this is something you may require.

MegaHertz uses thermal or ULV fogging machines to release the chemicals into the air, so that the chemicals can distribute into every part of the requisite disinfection area, including hard to clean spots that traditional cleaning sometimes fails to hit. We have an 8 step process that all our operatives will follow, to ensure that you or a facilities manager understands our actions and you are happy with our offering.

MegaHertz is also able to decontaminate air-con ducts, using the thermal or ULV fogging machines. It is suspected that unclean air-con ducts have been responsible for circulating COVID-19 Coronavirus in buildings.

The chemicals will have an anti-bacterial lifespan of 30 days, but we recommend a full decontamination clean up on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on how busy your venue is.

Our fogging machines can effectively clean both indoor and outdoor areas.

Our team can work overnight and on weekends to help minimise any disruption.


Our powerful Thermal Fogger Pestworker TW30 fits into the line of professional products for the use in environmental sanitation.

This robust machine has features that makes it one of the most reliable Thermal Fogger, simple to operate and easy to maintain Thermal Fogging machine.

Unlike other machines in the market, Pestworker TW30 is manufactured with advanced alloy stainless steel that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals, for longer life of the machine.

Powered with “Pulse Jet” engine that is incorporated with robust valves, it additionally provides greater reliability.

This machine has additional advantage of being able to be used for application of chemicals that are oil based and water based. Because of pre-fitted dual nozzles in the resonator, it is simple for the users to switch between oil based and water based solutions without having to change resonators.


Our PW35 ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger is capable of accelerating the speed of the air to create fog.

Through a powerful engine manufactured by Samsung with 1250W power, this machine creates a strong air stream flowing through the chemical tank and through a specially designed liquid spray nozzle ejects microscopic particle sizes between 5~50 microns.

PW35 ULV FoggerThese microscopic particles in the air behave differently to larger particles or other objects so they remain airborne for long periods of time. This is what makes these devices well suited for applying deodorizers, disinfectants, etc.

When these particles stay longer in the air, users are more likely to achieve their objective and even penetrate places where it is otherwise impossible to reach, and additionally reducing chemical consumption and avoiding leaks to the ground.

The ULV has a slider to adjust the particle size between 5 and 50 microns. It also has a slider to control the desired power.

This equipment has removable tank which allows professionals to work with multiple chemicals without having to clean the tank and also avoiding mixing of the chemicals.


Speed control function, in another word, spraying distance and micron size control with the rotating of spraying nozzle up and down by 15 to 110 degrees to help relief wrists fatigue and a foldable spraying nozzle to help store easily after use it is also able to control of chemical amount dispursed.

Strong injection and ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the solution to fine areas.
It can be used with water based and oil based solutions
Can spray different chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotic, resistant and nutritional supplements, micro-organisms
Very easy to use and efficient due to its powerful spray.

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